Two best games in the first week of February

Two best games in the first week of February
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Some highlights this week include a turn-based fighting game of Dissidia Final Fantasy fighting game, a golf game that can boast of thousands of levels, a football game that you play by rolling. the dice and a third shooter look like it can on the console. And that’s not half of what’s on the deck.

CreaVures 18

CreaVures is reprinted as an exclusive of iOS and now completely self-published! No ads, no in-app purchases – no cost! Just download and play. CreaVures Creation is one of conservation and persistence activities. With that in mind, we want to humbly help with hurricane relief by providing a completely optional link to Unicef, no content is subject to a donation.

Control the cute, mysterious, miniature creatures called CreaVures. CreaVures always go in pairs, and they must use their special abilities to help each other solve interesting platform puzzles. Set in a world of beautiful moonlight, these tiny creatures travel to save their homeland and restore light to their dying forests.

Main function:

Guide 5 CreaVures, twice, through fantastic and magical living environments and explore their unique abilities.

Jump, surf, rotate, roll, and jump through 18 levels of platform based physics-based interactive games, as well as epic boss battles.

Immerse yourself in a charming world with lovely characters

Creavures now speak 6 different languages! English, Spanish, French, German, Italian and Dutch

Important change:

It’s free – no advertising, no ads and no in-app purchases

Link to Unicef ​​to assist storm relief

Fully compatible with the latest iOS devices

Updates to the shaders for graphical enhancements

Now completely self-published!

Eliminate purchases, referrals, and in-game ads from the era of publishers

Dice Soccer City

From the makers of Pixel People, there is a deep and captivating game of strategy, luck and city building, all rolled into one! As a manager of a small football club, you have to gather a group of local residents, use whatever skills they can and bring the glory that you deserve.

Be gifted with tactics, talent, and technology, you are headed for success – but a variety of challenges stand between you and your destiny!

Will you attract enough players to your town? Can they work together in winning combinations? Will you complete your dream of becoming a Flagship City by winning the Five Leagues? Who will you choose? Who will you release? How would you push them using the tools at your disposal? The choice is yours.

Or is it?

>>>> The best sports game on Android for all ages.

Two best games in the first week of February
5 (100%) 1 vote

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