Incorporate the best addictive games on your mobile

Incorporate the best addictive games on your mobile
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Incorporate the best addictive games on your mobile; possibly more games addicting than those Pringles you’ve popped and now just can’t stop. In the middle of mining a cube to build a castle, you might catch a glimpse of the clock and realize you’re late to your meeting. But that’s probably OK if your boss is too busy crushing candy to notice you’re not there.

Incorporate the best addictive games on your mobile

#1: Trumps holy wall

This project is currently a work in progress. SOUND DONT WORK ON MOBILE FOR BEST EXPERIENCE PLAY ON PC! ALL SOUND EFFECTS ARE TRUMPS ACTUAL VOICE! Shop to buy coins is coming soon, upgrade-able power-ups are conning soon and so are more power-ups. currently working on coin magnet, a head start and a revive/game-over screen. In far future i aim to have multiple different backgrounds, politicians, types of platforms, swap-able sound effects AVAILABLE TO BUY. also double jump is over powered right now. get it well its hot. will receive slight nerf once upgradeable powerups come into play. a power up or two you can pick up while playing will be coming eventually.

>>>> Play now:

Trumps holy wall

Trumps holy wall

#2: Prime Mover


A mining research facility on Mars’ moon Phobos has lost contact with Earth.

The station is to be decommissioned, that’s where you come in…


It’s your job to enter the station and destroy it. You must find 3 keys to

reach the core reactor.


You can use WASD/Arrows or a gamepad D-Pad to move. Spacebar, Z, B, or the

gamepad button 0 for actions.

#3: Angry Birds Space

“Anyone burnt out on vanilla bird flinging will enjoy the game’s out-of-this-world adventure,” writes one IGN reviewer. In this fourth iteration of the Angry Bird franchise, you fling birds with random physics to collide with evil alien pigs. The silly gameplay had enough gravitational pull to earn it an Editors’ Choice.

#4: 2Candy Crush Saga

It’s like Bejeweled, but sweeter. Crush the candy to create special treats and advance through hundreds of levels. “Why are you crushing candy? I have no idea,” writes our reviewer, “but if you do enough of it the level ends and you hear the happy music, and I really like the happy music.”

Incorporate the best addictive games on your mobile
5 (100%) 1 vote

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